The mobile C-arm is a device used for portable x-ray imaging. Despite its unwieldy appearance it actually makes the x-ray imaging process much easier. It is portable enough to be kept in a hospital and wheeled around from patient to patient, meaning an individual can be x-rayed while confined to bed. The C-arm can also be used in an operating room to provide real time imaging.


The name of the C-arm derives from its appearance. The C-shape of its structure houses an X-ray source at one end, and an X-ray detector at the other. The source and detector can be positioned is a great number of ways by rotating the C-arm mechanism. This is convenient for producing an image of any part of the patient’s anatomy.


The first C-arms were developed and used in the 1950s. The technology proved useful, developed quickly and became a standard part of diagnostic treatment. X-ray technology has traditionally been analogue, originally using vacuum tubes and film to record images.  This has been superseded by digital imaging, though the C-arm mechanism has been retained because of its practicality.


The first flat panel detector C-arm machines were presented in 2006.


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