Detox is getting the unpleasant and harmful chemicals out of your system. The concept didn’t really exist a few generations ago because there wasn’t much in the way of bad chemicals going in. These days we are exposed to pesticides and household cleaning products everyday; preservatives, food packaging and other things are a factor too. Some of this is necessary if we are living in a large society; we need preservatives if the food it to last long enough to reach our tables. Nonetheless we should do as much as possible to minimize exposure and reduce the amount already in our body.

Health- Avoid Exposure to chemicals

  • Wash vegetable and fruit. There is veggie wash, a commercial product. Of you can soak fruit and vegetables in a sink with some lemon and bicarbonate of soda. Some people just scrub the vegetable with the bicarb. Some people use vinegar. The water looks different after the food is washed, so it apparently is doing something.
  • Get rid of as much processed food as possible. You can wash any chemicals off an apple; it’s impossible to wash an instant meal or pie. The packaging is probably putting chemical into the food as well.
  • Don’t microwave with plastics. A few are safe; others put chemicals into our foods and bodies.
  • Crystal and some ceramic implements contain lead. This should stay in the material if there is no heat applied, but some ceramics will cause problems when hot. Foreign countries have different laws here; souvenirs from holidays may be an issue.
  • Buy organic cleaning products, and check the manufacturer’s reputation if possible. Use lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda for cleaning.
  • Use sunscreen, but stick to health types. The chemicals will soak into your skin. Zinc based products tend to be good, and the body needs a little zinc. Google for recommended brands.
  • Antiperspirant and deodorant contain chemicals. This seems to be an allergy problem more than a toxic one, but the body is certainly better off without substances it doesn’t need. Search the net for health alternatives and DIY.
  • Eat fibre. Always been recommended, but it’s good for detox too. Go for natural products, and avoid anything with artificial sweeteners.

Search the internet for healthy foods. We intuitively know that junk food and process items are unhealthy, but eat them for convenience sake. After you give them up for any extended period they start to lose their appeal.

Health- Be rid of what is already there.

There are commercial programs and products that can detox us. These tend to take several days. Whether you use these or not it is good to steadily remove the junk form our systems,

  • Eat broccoli sprouts. This boosts your livers ability to get junk out of your system.
  • Eat anything with antioxidants. This simply boosts your liver and body to get rid of toxins and chemicals. Pomegranate is a good option.
  • Green tea helps at several levels. As well as a detox boost it seems to help concentration, which the toxins usually compromise.
  • Turmeric- Again, good for the liver, but it seems to help considerably with Alzheimer’s. Cultures with high turmeric diets have much lower problems with Alzheimer’s, though the connection is uncertain.
  • Garlic boosts the immune system and gets rid of some foreign substances in our bodies.
  • A sauna can help sweat out harmful substances. This is especially good for anything our skin is exposed to.