• Avoid monotony. We tend to become automated when we stick to a routine. We inadvertently tend to become less creative, and then we cannot handle change when it does come. Keep changing the scene. Find TED talks on YouTube, find literature to read that is outside you normal interests. And if you find some things that do grab your interest, find time to do them. You are better at everything if you are in an interested state of mind.
  • Set realistic goals and achieve them. Nothing is worse than a life spent filling out forms with no sense of achievement. Have a few trophies on the shelf, and a few completed projects to show others. Have both short and long term projects if you find the long term ones don’t motivate you enough.
  • Meditate and/or pray. This takes up some time, but you will be better for it. And you will be more productive the rest of the time.
  • Help others. The social connection here is important. The trick is to find something that is legitimately beneficial to the others (unsolicited help can be bothersome) and personally fulfilling to you.
  • Do everything possible to stay physically healthy. Eat well. Exercise, and find out if you have an allergy. Some mental problems have disappeared in a short space of time because the individual got rid of some food additive or just managed to sleep a little better.
  • Watch or listen to comedy. An underlying principle of comedy is that is juxtaposes two different frames of reference. Comedy breaks us out of rigid thinking habits. Find anything that you legitimately find funny.
  • Do puzzles and play games. This is best with other people, but there are online training sites that have been shows to improve mental performance. Avoid gambling or any promise of reward; play games for the challenge and metal improvement they provide.
  • Go to bed and wake up with positive, productive thoughts. What we dwell on when first sleeping and waking will be in our mental processes all day. Deliberately aim to have useful thoughts in your head when you go to bed, and your thinking will change over the space of a few days. More than a few creative problems have been solved by people when they sleep.
Help Your Mental Health