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We have more services than most people usually aware of:


Our primary business, Physio effectively treats:

  • Spinal pain in the neck and back.
  • Sporting injuries.
  • Improved mobility when a broken bone has other wise recovered.
  • Whiplash, usually the result of automotive accidents.
  • Post-surgical procedures,
  • Jaw pain.


The treatment of spinal issues. We use computerised analysis to ascertain the best treatment, and manually treat the spinal problems to restore full functionality.


Massage has a history stretching back thousands of years. Only in recent decades has science slowly supported what many have experienced first-hand – massage really benefits health. The improved blood flow from massage speeds up healing, removes toxins for muscle, and improves flexibility.

There are also some types of massage that are of great benefit for sports applications.


This is a type of acupuncture without needles. By applying pressure at just the right point of the body any energy blockages can be alleviated.  Reduced tension, improved circulation and increased energy are just some of the benefits of acupressure.


An exercise programme for achieving optimal strength, posture and flexibility. This is of great benefit for all, though we do tailor programmes for pregnancy or other situations.

Workplace Assessments

Problems that slowly sneak up on you might well be caused by you r daily activities and environment. We can visit your workspace and see if the wrong chair, computer layout, or work setup is causing you problems. This is worth looking into to prevent potential problem in the future, or employees who might later start to complain.

Running Assessment

We perform a video analysis of individuals running on a treadmill. By pinpointing problems in technique we can show you how to avoid potential problems later on and get the greatest benefit out of your exercise programme.

Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Lane Cove Physiotherapy